Urs Sharif at Khankah Sharif, Midnapore, 3rd Falgoon 1422 B.S/ 16th February 2016

The Annual Urs Sharif of Hazrat Syed Shah Murshed Alquadri Al-Jilani (R.A) was held on 3rd Falgoon 1422 B.S /16th February 2016 under the patronage of Pir Sahib of Midnapore Hazrat Prof.(Dr.) Syed Manal Shah Alquadri at Khankah Sharif, Mia Mohalla, Midnapore. On this occasion, a book on the life of Hazrat Syed Manal Shah Alquadri written by Alfazuddin Quadri was also released by Shri Mrigen Maity, M.L.A , Midnapore.

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