Pirzada Dr. Syed Md. Iqbal Shah Alquadri


Pirzada Dr. Syed Md. Iqbal Shah Alquadri is the only son, Khalifa, Naib Sajjadanashin and Spiritual Successor of His Holiness Hazrat Syed Manal Shah Alquadri. He is an eminent scholar of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Studies. He completed M.A in Persian from Calcutta University and stood First Class First. The University awarded him a Gold Medal for obtaining highest marks. He obtained the degree of Ph.D on his thesis entitled “Persian Studies in West Bengal (1947-2000 A.D)” from Calcutta University which is a result of his painstaking work. His subject of specialization is “Sufism in Persian Literature‟ in which he has written a number of research articles. He has also authored a number of books on Sufism among which the famous are Gulistan –e- Quadria, Bab-e- Shariat and Azkar- e-Hasnain. He has delivered lectures in different parts of India and abroad especially Bangladesh. He received the Khilafat of Silsila e Quadria, Chishtia, Nizamia, Fakhria, Sulaimania, Suhrawardia and Firdausia from his Pir Hazrat Syed Manal Shah Alquadri on 1st February 2015 on the auspicious occasion of Annual Yazdahum Sharif of Hazrat Syedena Ghausul Azam (R.A) held at Daira Sharif e Quadria, Kolkata. At present he has a large number of disciples and devotees in India and abroad and he has been preaching the tenets of Islam and teachings of Sufis.

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